ARIADNE is pleased to announce the 2012 call for projects for the ARIADNElabs contest.

ARIADNElabs aims to give the opportunity to institutions and groups that are not involved in ARIADNE to get familiarized with the technologies and infrastructure in order to prototype and deploy innovative ideas in the form of components or services. Participation is open to any individual, group or institution that will partner with one of the ARIADNE members (ARIADNElabs mentor) in order to develop a small project of joint interest.
An ARIADNElabs project should typically last between 3 to 6 months and lead to the deployment of a new software component or service that can connect to the ARIADNE infrastructure. ARIADNElabs project proposals should be submitted as 2-4 extended abstracts of the idea to EasyChair ( will be evaluated by an expert committee that will be appointed for this purpose. Proposals will only be assessed in terms of their technical feasibility within the given time context. Evaluation comments will be constructive and in the direction of helping the envisaged project to become better positioned within the ARIADNE infrastructure.
Final descriptions of implemented ARIADNElabs project will be submitted as 4-6 page descriptions that will also be published at the ARIADNE Wiki. Completed projects will be evaluated in terms of novelty, feasibility and technical consistency. A representative of the teams implementing the top-3 ARIADNElabs projects will be invited to join the next ARIADNE plenary meeting with travel and accommodation expenses covered by ARIADNE. All ARIADNElabs projects will be invited for presentation during a special session the ARIADNE plenary meeting. The top-3 runners will become subject to a voting process from all ARIADNE members in order to select the best ARIADNElab project that will receive a small prize.

Important dates for ARIADNElabs 2012:

- November 15th, 2012: Submission of ARIADNElabs proposals (2-4 pages)
  ***Submission EXTENDED till December 10th 2012***

- December 1st, 2012: Receipt of evaluation feedback
***Receipt of evaluation feedback EXTENDED till December 20th 2012***
- Evaluation feedback on projects till March 5th 2013
- March 21st, 2013:Submission of ARIADNElabs project descriptions (4-6 pages and live system or component API)
- April 8th, 2013: Presentation of ARIADNElabs project in joint ARIADNE/GLOBE meeting @Leuven, Belgium


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