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ARIADNE is a programme funded by the European Commission. It exists since February 2013.


Our Mission

The programme’s key objective is to stimulate new research avenues in the field of archaeology, relying on the comparison, re-use and integration into current research, the outcomes of past and on-going field and laboratory activity.

Our Vision

We gave ourselves the ambitions goal to integrate archaeological information across all of Europe. Our first objective was to provide a digital archive that would store archaeological information.

It is an absolute necessity for archaeologists to communicate with each other, leaving the conditions of antiquarians and becoming scientists.

Friedrich Wilhelm Gerhard, co-founder of the first international archaeological society.

Exploring The Responsive Open Learning Environment (ROLE)

The Responsive Open Learning Environment, also known as ROLE is a project held by the European Union with the help of 16 research groups from 6 EU countries as well as from China. The technology is based around the concept that learners are capable of creating their own learning environment.


What’s New?

We provide information on how technology and digitalization can help to keep and organize knowledge and how it helps in education system.



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Gaycest – project of 2020. The controversial niche is entering the mainstream space and it’s taking it by storm. When you talk about step family fantasies where main roles are played by men then you certainly are going to mention Gaycest. Get ready to enter the world of real taboo.


Facials4K – the biggest mess you are going to witness in 2021. It’s all about receiving loads after loads on their pretty faces. These girls take it with big grin on their face and you can now see it in 4K quality. This is a total mess!


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